Monday, 11 March 2019 06:56

Medical Certification ISO 13485

 SG04 Logo ISO 13485

MedicalCertificationISO 13485

Certification  of the activity

‘’Sales and service maintenanceof ophthalmicproductsand accessories’’


‘’Design and developmentof software for ophthalmic applications’’

Friday, 12 April 2019 20:34

EasyOpht Merges in FE-Group srl

Since November 2018 we are Part of FE- Gruup srl, one of the most important company in Europen market.

Starting from Thursday 22nd November 2018, through the merger of Easyopht srl into Frastema Ophthalmics Srl, the  new company name is:

Frastema Ophthalmics Easyopht Group Srl, in abridged form FE–Group Srl.

All other data remain unchanged:

Address: Viale dell’Industria, 42 – 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA)

VAT Number:  IT 02304500123

Wednesday, 04 July 2018 15:35

Presentation of EasyLac

We're glad to present a new project: EasyLac!

EasyOpht, in collaboration with Frastema Ophthalmics Srl, is going to start the sale of Paragon and Ophtec's products.

It's a big challange but we truly believe it will be an important step for our companies, as we will be able to offer a high level of service to all our customers.

The official presentation to our sales force will be July 23rd 2018. 

Stay tuned for further information!