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Medical Certification ISO 13485

  MedicalCertificationISO 13485 Certification  of the activity ‘’Sales and service maintenanceof ophthalmicproductsand accessories’’ And  ‘’Design and developmentof software for ophthalmic applications’’

EasyOpht Merges in FE-Group srl

Since November 2018 we are Part of FE- Gruup srl, one of the most important company in Europen market. Starting from Thursday 22nd November 2018, through the merger of Easyopht srl into Frastema Ophthalmics Srl, the  new company name is: Frastema Ophthalmics Easyopht Group Srl, in abridged form FE–Group Srl. All other data remain unchanged: Address: Viale…

EasyOpht reNEW itself!

EasyOpht renew itself! We're glad to present the new brand EasyOpht and the new website. We worked a lot in order to improve www.easyopht.com becuase we would like a userfriendly website, able to give to all our customers solutions and answer. Check our products, have a look of the gallery, subscribe the newsletter. Make EasyOpht.com yr favourite website!!

Presentation of EasyLac

We're glad to present a new project: EasyLac! EasyOpht, in collaboration with Frastema Ophthalmics Srl, is going to start the sale of Paragon and Ophtec's products. It's a big challange but we truly believe it will be an important step for our companies, as we will be able to offer a high level of service to all…
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